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this morning. heavy rain pounds part of the commonwealth. a state of emergency is declared. >> more mixed signals. one week after the deadly shooting at fort hood, people who know the gunman is speaking out. >> a surprise announcement out of the white house. the president supposedly rejects the war plan forfghanistan. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. we have a rainy start to you thursday morning. we will check in but lisa baden in just a minute. >> brian van de graaff begins our storm watch coverage. it is a rough morning.
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>> it is indeed. windy and gusty. the winds are whipping. the wind combined with the rain is making for a raw day. we have bands of rain. heavier amounts down to the south and east. there are advisories' along the bay for coastal flooding. around here, driving wind and a driving rain. 40's will be the best we can do all day long. let's check in on the traffic. >> driving slowly is traffic from springfield to tysons because of deep water where the two right lanes are closed between arlington boulevard and 66. watch out for treat debris. here is the pace of traffic on 270 into rockville and
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gaithersburg. 95 in virginia with the camera bouncing around. look at all of the headlights up to the beltway. now back to the news desk. >> thank you. pamela brown continues our coverage. she is live in alexander with more on this state of emergency in the commonwealth because of all of the rain. >> it is called, wet, and a windy today. it is the theme for today and tomorrow. we are in alexandria. the waters of the potomac are rising. we will keep a close eye on that for you this morning. the remnants of tropical depression ida have been causing problems all over the south. run-ins are leaving a trail all over the south and even here in d.c. >> i feel like the entire month of october was just raining.
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and now it is kind of -- i am disappointed. >> the powerful system is pounding the virginia coast. the tide is noticeably higher. you should stay on high alert. streets in downtown norfolk are looking more like rivers. >> pretty crazy to drive. it is nouts. >> there could be 8 inches of rain when all is said and done in parts of the carolinas. >> i have a 3-year-old and do not want to be told i cannot come back to my house because there is water in it. >> in tennessee, this or rock became a stumbling block. residents are concerned about a second round of flooding in just two months. >> we are worried about our
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neighbors. >> back live, taking a live look at the waters of the potomac. there are no huge problems to report in our area. there are some trouble spots on the road. this weather is expected to carry over into tomorrow. there will not be as much rain tomorrow. pamela brown, abc 7 news >> thank you. > we have breaking weather- related news in northwest d.c. at a fallenree is causing some power outages. this is on springland lane. it hit a transformer and caused a light to go out. brian and adam will be back with your neighborhood forecast in about 10 minutes. you can log on to for more coverage. police are investigating a double shooting that left one man dead.
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the victims were found in a car at the intersection of 42nd and meade streets. police believe the driver lost control after being shot and then slammed into these parked cars. they believe the shooter might have been in the car with the victim. president obama is going back to the drawing board on a strategy for afghanistan. he will not accept any of the four options by his security team. he is asking for specifics on how and when u.s. troops will turn over security. the ambassador is voicing concerns about sending in more troops. the president leaves for asia tonight. the tour begins in tokyo and includes stops in tokyo -- in china and south korea. he will first stop in alaska to me with u.s. troops there. investigators will released
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new information from last week's deadly attack later today. they're still trying to determine what clues and suspected shooter drops before his ramparts. courtney robinson has the latest. >> the suspected gunman, some of the things they are looking into is whether he tried to wire money to pakistan and had contact with a radical imam. there were concerns about his stint at walter reed. doctors and staff said he was often belligerent in conversations about his fate. they tried to turn that into something positive but ordering him to attend lectures on islam. he has been described as lazy and he was reassigned to fort hood. they have no evidence he tried
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to leave the military. we will take a closer look at the investigation and let you he from survivors of the fort hood shootings and what they say happened. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it was a big night for taylor swift. she made history by taking country music's top crown. she won the entertainer of the year award. at 19, up she is the youngest to hold that title. she is the first solo female to win it in a decade. she won music video of the year and album of the year. >> all that and only 19 years old. >> amazing. >> a great future ahead of her. fantastic for her. we have a windy 43 degrees.
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caught on camera. district students throw stones at a man standing in his front yard. police are planning to stop it. >> a closer look at metro's deadliest day. authorities now want a public hearing about it. >> another day, another morning of rain. it is cooler than yesterday.
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>> hello. i am not the national gallery.
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we have the only painting in the western hemisphere by leonardo da vinci. come down and meet her. good morning, washington. we say good morning, washington, as well. 10 minutes after the hour. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it does not get much more raw than what we are periencing right now. adam caskey is in northwest d.c. >> it was 10 degrees cooler this morning that we had yesterday morning. i grabbed the rain jacket but also the comfortable feleece put on underneath. we have 42 degrees near connecticut and tilden. springland lane, nearby, a tree fell. it doesn't take as much wind to
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topple some trees. 45 right now at reagan national. notice the rain showers. it is a cold rain. it will be coming and going over head and into tomorrow. cool today, up 40's. gusty winds. near 50 miles per hour in st. mary's and calvert counties. by this weekend, we will be warmer with some sunshine. we have to wait for the weekend for that. >> deep water on the inner loop is now a link between arlington boulevard and 66. the two right lanes are closed and they are trying to clear up the water from the beltway. anticipate huge delays. over on kenilworth avenue, northbound after 410, a vehicle
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has rolled over after the boston market. i have nothing reported but certainly that will have an impact. 95 maryland, there were looking for iraq but did did not find anything. we found plenty of traffic. southbound 270 out of frederick to get into hyattstown. >> thank you. the ntsb is oganizing a public hearing into the metro crashed last june that killed nine people. they have scheduled the hearing for the week of february 22. it will focus on the safety practices. a red line train slammed into a stopped train. there's still no official word on what caused that crash. 6:13, 44 degrees. >> a drop in foreclosure rates means more people are keeping
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, virginia is under a state of emergency because of the heavy rains soaking our area. this mobilizes state agencies to prepare for the threat of flooding. up to 8 inches of rain could fall. >> harry reid is considering a plan to consider higher payroll taxes on the wealthy. the tax would apply to those making more than $250,000 a
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year. debate on the senate bill could begin as early as next week. >> more people have diedrom the swine flu than previously thought. it has killed more than 4000 americans. 40,000 have been hospitalized, but more than three times more than an early estimate. some teenagers have been throwing rocks, and police are trying to find out who is responsible f this. one resident captured this on his cell phone camera. while the video was rolling, a rock hit him in the face. >> of us afraid of -- i am sick of this happening. they have been throwing rocks at people random. they have broken my neighbor's door. >> they believe students are from eliot high. police plan to go to the school to let the students know the
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police are on the case. >> very dangerous. >> a rock in the head could kill somebody. 6:16 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden has her hands full this morning. >> deep water on the inner loop between arlington boulevard and 66. slow traffic past 123 and then inside the beltway after route 7 to get past glebe road. nothing in the roadway but raindrops. 95 virginia, and delays out of lorton. if you're on the beltway in maryland, he there are delays from 95 to georgia avenue. there are a lot of fender benders in the area. an accident southbound to exit onto the inner loop. they have moved it out of the way. slow traffic from 70 to 109.
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>> we do have rain continuing to fall down south and southeast of bust. it's a big system. along the bay, coastal flooding from anne arundel to calvert to st. mary's. we also have a high wind advisory for st. mary's and calvert because of the constant push. our winds will be about 25 miles an hour. here is the big picture. the storm system continues to grab moisture and then hit parts of the mid atlantic. to the maps we go. this pattern is stuck here today and tomorrow. it will break down and it will move out in time for the weekend. rainey, drizzly, and gusty today. we will break for some sunshine this weekend. things will be sunnier on sunday.
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>> thank you. spending less is catching on. >> foreclosure filings take a tumble. jeremy hubbard has more. >> evidence the tide in foreclosures may be turning. foreclosure activity declined in october. filings were down 3% forhe month. experts warn things could still take a turn for the worse. other factors could push foreclosures back to new record levels. hi foreclosures is one of several reasons many states are faced with an economic crisis. at least 10 states are on the brink of economic disasters. these are the affected states. they include california, illinois, florida, and new jersey. there could be deep cuts in services.
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people are getting used to spending less money. we spent the same amount in october as we did in september on everything from toys to food. the holiday shopping season could be tough. at&t has asked a judge to force verizon to pull some commercials they call misleading. at&t says it makes their wireless coverage worse than it is. at&t has already sued verizon and now wants them pulled off the air. are you looking for some stress relief? you might want to try some chopin. a new study finds feeding dark chocolate cannot reduce stress. it put people more at ease in just two weeks. chocolate can lp fight heart disease and reduce the chances of developing cancer. coming up on "good morning america," more people could die
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from the swine flu than previously thought. our medical experts have more. and that is your "money scope" report. i'm jeremy hubbard. 6:20. >> a bus stop shooting skills at a young man. the family mourns the loss of another son. >> duty or a beast? i will tell you why a woman nearly stormed off the set of a live interview. pressed later on "oprah," it is down to the finals of the karaoke challenge.
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a former miss california is making headlines again. >> happy the hippo seems to like his new home. philip stewart has more. >> we go with a local story. an apparent happy ending. happy htthe hippo was sent to live at the milwaukee zoo, worry has a new art exhibit and some more space and there are also two female hippos for
6:25 am
him to interact with. we're getting a reaction from oprah. she had a message that said she chatted with sarah palin about their marriage and levi johnston. sarah palin said she is also pleased with the interview. it will air on monday. the tv show "glee" is under fire. last night's episode featured a character in a wheelchair. the whole cast performed in wheel chairs. the actor playing the role of the student is not disabled. disability groups said "glee" the opportunity to cast someone who represents the disabled community. >> you are being inappropriate. ok? " inappropriate king live
6:26 am
continues. >> an awkward moment. she refused to answer some questions. she threatens to walk off in the middle of the broadcast after king tried to take the call. she agreed witthe producers that there would be no phone calls. she put the microphone back on and did stay for the rest of the hour. my favorite part is when larry king says, can you hear me? and she says, no, i cannot hear you. "no, i cannot hear you." >> selectively. >> i dohis with producers all the time. >> all right, phil. thank you. interesting. >> we have another half-hour ahead. >> indecision on dirty movies at
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the university of maryland. we will tell you what is next in the fight over campus porn. >> new details about the alleged fort hood gunman. i will have the latest on the investigation and stories from the heroes. >> we are live this morning tracking a developing storm that is bringing wind, rain, and chilly temperatures. is bringing wind, rain, and chilly temperatures.
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i've and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. 6:29 is your time. another nasty morning. in fact, it is even colder and win here than yesterday. >> if you do not have to go to work or school this morning, we are and the as. >> cold wind and rain comes sideways. the ground here locally, it is not even half as bad. even in the tidewater, in virginia beach over by the ocean where the storm is really getting going and really developing take a look at our eric -- take a look at our radar. a little bit of -- a couple of heavy bands to the west. mid 40's.
6:31 am
we're not going to see the temperatures move much. temperatures will stay in the 40's with gusty winds, rain, and cool conditions. more of the same tonight and into tomorrow. we do have some improvements for the upcoming weekend. it is rough in the weather, and that leads to a rough ride. >> it is rough particularly for drivers out of springfield because a lake has developed where they have been doing the hot line work at 50 and 66. vdot and police have the right lanes closed as they tend to the deep water, so in need to plan for these delays. allison and doug. >> lisa, thank you very much. governor tim kaine has declared a state of emergency for the commonwealth because of the heavy rain and chances for flooding. so far we have been spared the worst of it. pamela brown continues our coverage live in alexandria with how people are coping out there. pamela good morning. >> we are here in alexandria
6:32 am
where it is wet, cold, and windy. we are keeping a close eye on the potomac river here. the waters have been rising throughout the bull -- throughout the morning. there are no huge problems to report from the weather here in our area, but the remnants of tropical depression i have caused major flooding in parts of the south. remnants from tropical depression ida are affecting the south and dc. >> now going into november having beautiful weather, and now it is kind of -- i do not know how to take it. i am a little disappointed. >> the powerful system is putting the virginia coast with the tide noticeably higher. governor tim kaine is urging those in those areas to stay alert. downtown, the roads are looking more like rivers. >> pretty crazy to drive. i work in newport news and live in virginia beach, so it is --
6:33 am
>> in parts of the eastern carolinas, there could be 8 inches of rain before its is said and done. >> i have a 3-year-old, so i do not necessarily want to be told i cannot come back to my house because there is water in it. >> in tennessee, this 200 ton rock became a stumbling block on a major riot -- a major highway. residents are concerned about a second round of major flooding into the dual months. >> we are just as word about all of our neighbors. >> you are taking a live look here at the potomac river, a waterfront park in alexandria. again, no huge problems to report here in our area from this weather, but as lisa baden mentioned earlier, there is trouble on the roads. forecasters tell us this is pretty much what they foresee for today and tomorrow, but there will not be as much rain tomorrow, which is good news. i am pretty jealous of you guys
6:34 am
right now. >> i bet. i know it is tough out there, but thank you so much. later today, army investigators will release new information about the shooting rampage at fort hood. in the meantime, the two police officers credited with stopping the rampage are speaking out. according robinson has the latest on the investigation. -- courtney robinson has the latest on the investigation. this morning the fbi and military investigators are continuing their probe into nidal malik hasan. and his involvement with a radical imam yemen. people coming forward with their stories. the stories are heroic, actions that stopped a gunman's rampage on the fort hood, texas, army base. >> i went to get out of the line of fire, so to do so, by stood
6:35 am
up, threw a table at the gentleman. >> he is one of many who tried to stop the man officials believe killed 13, army major nidal hasan. sergeant kimberly munley and mark tie and stopped in. >> as soon as i got out of my vehicle and ran up the hill is when things started getting pretty bad and we started in countering fire. >> we are trained to shoot until there is no longer a threat. >> hasan reportedly not speaking with authorities and the he reportedly does have counsel. >> we owe it to them as either fellow service members or u.s. citizens to insure we properly defend them. >> still, a lot of questions about the alleged gunman. two senior military officials
6:36 am
say the pentagon has no evidence that he tried to leave the military as family members previously told the media. they told the associated press no formal request was submitted to the department of the army. live from the satellite sencenter, courtney robinson. president obama not yet ready to decide on the war strategy in afghanistan. the president has reportedly decided not to accept any of the four ideas from his national security team without some changes to them. he is concerned about the ability of the afghan government to secure its own country. he says the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan is voicing strong opposition to sending in more troops. man who was shot and would yesterday while boarding a metrobus -- and wounded yesterday while boarding a metrobus says he witnessed the murder, and police believe that may be why he was targeted. he had just attended a funeral of the murder victim, 19-year-
6:37 am
old ashton hunter. rawlings was the brother of deonte rawlings. in order to regulate pornography on the university of maryland has been denied. they say it would be impossible to enforce. the have till december 1 to submit policies on display or screening pornography on the campus. or it is now 6:37. time for a check of business headlines. michele steele is live in new york this morning. good morning, michelle. >> good morning. big improvement in the d.c. area for closure. redressing the october foreclosure rate in the metro area and arlington, allied
6:38 am
ginger, and some maryland and west virginia locations was one in every 355 households in october. that is a 10% drop compared to september, and only 2% higher than a year ago. nationwide, the foreclosure rate in october also fell to one in every 385 households. down 3% from october -- from september, but up 19% from a year earlier. as for training, keep an eye on gold again today. gold hitting a new record high of more than $1,123 an ounce. gold futures right now up slightly. as you can see, lower right now, just six straight days in gains for the dow. that is a quick look at business news. by bloomberg in new york, i am michele steele. back to you guys. >> have a great day. >> thank you. >> 6 block 38 is your time now.
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6:40 a.m. on the sweat, damp, breezy thursday morning to 43 degrees. before we jump into the forecast, i want to say a quick hello to the children of westgate elementary school. thank you for having me yesterday. it was a great day, great kids, and i hope you look -- you enjoyed working -- looking at the truck. speaking of forecasting, i have my rain gear on again. it is not the heaviest rain, but
6:42 am
it is persistent, and that will be the key today. rain showers throughout the day, not just rain but also cold. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. right now in the lower 40's, gusty conditions, even into tomorrow. the rain will send out a little bit, but it is still going to be cool and damp. by the weekend, that is when we will see improvements gradually on saturday. we will see the clouds that out, warmer conditions as well for the weekend. we do have improvements, which is in some patients. already, 3 inches of rain in spotsylvania, and we will add to that over the next couple of days. >> we have been waiting for standing water in the inner loop out of springfield to get into tysons between arlington boulevard and 66 but the the border has the right lanes closed. traffic out of i-95 in stafford, an accident along the way in the left lane. a huge delay their printer right now i have several fender benders infant -- in prince
6:43 am
george's county, including a riverdale, north kenilworth avenue after 410. on with your road at rose revell road. in the district, the parkway between massachusetts avenue and all the hospital. a tree has fallen down in the roadway. on a fellow who has been sitting there patiently says they are cutting up the tree now and pulling it out of the roadway. by the time you get to the belt parkway appear sibley hospital, you should be able to get through. ellison and doug. >> 6:43 is your time on this thursday morning. 43 is. >> coming up, more on swine flu dangers. but experts say the death toll has jumped pretty dramatically. >> we will have the latest
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coming up tonight, we will introduce you to a key player at the white house. is it a dog trainer. she tells us the obama's reaction to meeting bo. join us at 5:00. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:46, up 43 degrees. >> the weather is the big story. the rain is causing several problems throughout our area. governor tim kaine has declared a state of emergency. that allows state agencies to prepare for the threat of rain. >> the weather is starting to
6:47 am
subside in fairfax county. water on the highway caused some big problems for motorists. two northbound lanes have been closed. one is now we open. >> president obama is pushing for revisions in the war options of that have been presented to him. mr. obama wants changes to clarify how and when u.s. troops would turn over security to the afghan government. >> harry reid is considering a plan to impose higher payroll taxes on the wealthy to help pay for the health-care overhaul. those to make more than 200,000 dollars would be affected. a scary new report from the front lines in the fight against swine flu. the death toll has jumped dramatically. >> thousands of people are still trying to find the vaccine.
6:48 am
matt brock has the latest details. good morning. >> they can find it here at the center here in prince george's county. but these vaccines are only for those most vulnerable to swine flu. the swine flu vaccine is in short supply and reserved for those who need it the most. but there are a lot of people who want it. question and the report could send demand even further. 4000 or more americans have died from swine flu. that is about four times the original number of the cd to see was working from. only high-risk groups like pregnant women and hospital staff and those with underlying medical problems can now get the vaccine. the only plant in the united states that makes the vaccine, they are working around the
6:49 am
clock. some health officials say it may be too late. >> unfortunately, the consequence of not having enough vaccine soon enough is that some people will be sick and some of those will die. >> the clinic hereets underway at 9:00 and goes until noon. if you come here, you need to park in the back of the building and entered the clinic from the back of the building. in this weather, you do not wa to walk around the building. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a quick last look at traffic and weather. >> the wind is driving the rain. it is cold. it is horrible out there. i will show you the bands of rain. sao off and east of town, you're seeing the heaviest rain. st. mary's and calvert counties. there is a flood advisory.
6:50 am
the wind continues to push off the east. no immediate advisory for today. low to mid 40's will be the best we can do. the big storm is circulating down off the carolinas. it is bringing the moisture in and slamming a with rain, not snow for the area. let's go to the maps. we're seeing up to 3 inches of rain. we could have another half of an inch locally. look down at the thai border. up to four more inches of rain. -- look down at the tidewater. we should be 59 at this time of year. rain and drizzle. more of the same tomorrow. not quite as chilly. rain should taper by the upcoming weekend. >> i have an accident coming out
6:51 am
of stafford on 95 near the quantico marine base. somebody rolled over southbound on 95. a van is on its side in case you're coming from stafford towards fredricksburg. nothing to report on 95 out of baltimore. there is an accident on 895. on the inner loop in virginia, there is standing water between 50 and 66. this is new hampshire avenue. this is from the ikea to get around 270 is particularly slow. more to come. stick around.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
the swine flu. is there really as dangerous as be all fought? tracking down the vaccine. we have your answers this morning. if you stories to watch out for. president obama lease for a trip to asia this evening. it begins in tokyo and includes stops in china and south korea. >> the army will update the investigation into the fort hood shooting. the fbi is looking into ti of
6:55 am
radical terrorist groups. >> the washington nationals will named jim riggleman as their new manager. he has been the interim skipper since the middle of last season. >> a big attraction is about to take up residence for the holiday. >> the rockefeller christmas tree will go up this year. it was cut down yesterday in connecticut. a schoolteacher nominated the tree. the lighting ceremony will take place on december 2. >> tt is the tree with two tops. it has a fork in it. >> they might have to have two tree toppers. >> two stars. 6:55. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. what a rough morning out there. >> extremely rough.
6:56 am
we have tree debris coming out of your neighborhood. we have water collecting on the highway. we have numerous fender benders to report around town. on the beltway, they have been doing hot lane work in virginia. right lanes are closed with delays at a springfield. >> it will be windy, wet, and raw. showers will taper off tomorrow. they will be stronger down by the bay. there is a wind advisory for calvert and st. mary's. the potomac could be high around high tide. keep an eye there. clouds will start to break on saturday. temperatures closer to six the. the best day of the week will be sunday when the temperature pushes near 70 degrees. it is very rough out there. the governor put a state of
6:57 am
emergency for the state. tidewater, virginia beach, appeared getting inundated. >> we are relatively lucky by comparison. thank you for watching. >> have a great day. hi.
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are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand.

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